Most Recent Course Participant

“Harvie Herrington creates an immediate connection with his audience. He gains their interest and shares his powerful story. First-generation college students at SCC experienced this in the fall of 2019 and now have an opportunity to connect with him in a virtual summer leadership development series. Harvie speaks from the heart and shares his experiences to help others see they too can achieve personal success. I highly recommend him as a speaker for TRIO Projects.”

TRIO SSS Project Director, Southeastern Community College

Sibyl McIntire

Course Curriculum

  • 01

    Chapter 1

  • 02

    Chapter 2

    • Negative Thinking Part 1

    • Negative Thinking Part 2

  • 03

    Chapter 3

    • Developing Your Character

    • Understanding Failure

    • Qualities Of a Great Self-Leader

    • Goal Setting

What Others Are Saying About Harvie

“"Harvie came to speak with our TRIO SSS participants for our annual kickoff event; I cannot say enough good things about him! This is the first event we’ve had where I didn’t see a single phone out and didn’t hear any whispered side conversations. Students were engaged 100%. That’s HUGE! We all have students who have been told they won’t amount to anything or that they shouldn’t pursue college for whatever reason. Harvie’s message resonates with students in the TRIO community – his message captures everything TRIO stands for! Don’t delay in bringing him to your campus!"”

TRIO Coordinator/ College Transition Advisor, MCC

Marnie Brown, M.Ed.

“We were able to kick off our school year with an excellent, dynamic, and impactful event for our teachers with Mr. Harvie Herrington. He came down and did a personality workshop with them that had them all connecting, laughing, and discussing all the information that they received from Mr. Herrinton to impact our students throughout the school year. He also did a keynote for our students and was entertaining, real, and motivated them to be the best you they can be and the power of a dream. Our school was buzzing with excitement. Thank you!”

Principal, Ofallon, IL

Tron M. Young

The World Deserves Your Gift

You may be closer than you think

I want to help remove doubt from your mind. Maybe, just maybe, one of my videos or something I say will inspire you. You were not just born to live. You were born to create, inspire and help make this world a better place. You were born for greatness, we all are. Sometimes​ we just need a little push in the right direction.